Bread for the World is working to make hunger, poverty, and opportunity a priority for candidates. To end hunger in the United States, we must disrupt structural discrimination and injustice. We need policies that enable all people to provide for themselves and their families. Our scorecards review candidate plans to promote racial equity to end hunger and provide recommendations for strengthening their proposals.

Election Platform

Global Hunger Rates by Year /

The world has seen significant progress against hunger over the past few decades, but recently hunger rates have risen. As you consider candidates in the 2020 election, consider how to end hunger, raise hunger-related issues with candidates, and support candidates who will help to end hunger.

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Racial Equity

Structural racism leads people of color to experience higher rates of hunger. Racial equity means that all people, regardless of race, have fair opportunities for equality.

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The only way to end hunger with dignity is to enable people to earn the income they need to provide enough healthy food for themselves and their children.

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Immigration is a hunger issue. Migrants leave their home countries to escape hunger and poverty, but many remain at risk once they arrive in the U.S.

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Criminal Justice

People returning home from incarceration experience hunger at eight times the national rate. Seven out of 10 people are in jail are only there because they can't afford bail.

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“For I know the plans I have for you…to give you a future with hope”
Jeremiah 29:11